Rocking Chair

At The Rocking Chair Company, we’re more than just furniture makers; we’re passionate about crafting the perfect outdoor haven. We believe rocking chairs are more than just seats; they’re portals to a simpler time, where worries melt away with the gentle creak of wood and the rhythmic sway of a summer breeze.

Our story began with a love for the outdoors and a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship of a well-made rocking chair. We saw the joy these chairs brought to families, the way they transformed porches into sanctuaries, and the quiet moments of reflection they fostered. This passion fueled our desire to create rocking chairs that weren’t just functional, but works of art, infused with the soul of the outdoors.

That’s why we hand-select every product you see below, ensuring its strength and natural beauty.  And we source our products with an eye for sustainability, ensuring that each rocking chair not only complements your outdoor space but also respects the natural world around us.

But a rocking chair is more than just its construction. It’s about the memories it cradles, the laughter it echoes, and the quiet moments of solitude it embraces. It’s about slowing down, connecting with nature, and cherishing the simple pleasures of life.

Browse our full selection of classic rocking chairsglider rocking chairsrustic rocking chairsAdirondack rocking chairswicker rocking chairspoly modern rocking chairs, and children’s rocking chairs. Want a rocking chair set to ensure everyone in the family has a nice place to enjoy a few hours of relaxation? We’ve got those too. Come explore our collection and discover the rocking chair that will become your own outdoor haven.

Rocking chairs are part of a great American tradition that brings families and friends together. Rocking chairs are what we’re all about, so it’s no surprise that we’ve got a huge selection of fine rocking chairs to choose from.  See the categories below and Contact Us if you have any questions.