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Children’s Colonial Rocking Chair – Honey


Honey Colonial Rocking Chair, On Sale Now.

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This elegant Honey Colonial Kid’s Rocking chair is a nice addition to any nursery or playroom. This Giftmark company designed this beautiful children’s rocking chair. Giftmark has been a trusted name in the rocking chair industry for many years, and is known for hand crafting each and every one of their rocking chairs while adhering to the highest standards of quality. You’ll be able to see the marks of this craftsmanship in the chair itself as you examine the way that each and every spindle was given thorough attention to detail. The chair was constructed from solid, durable hardwoods that make it capable of withstanding childhood antics. Soon your children might well pass it to your grandchildren. Gleaming, smooth, polished wood feels sleek beneath little fingertips. The ten inch seat height and 12.75 inch seat width are perfect for smaller bodies. Rocking chairs make memories. Just imagine your child sitting in his or her chair with a book and a stuffed animal, rocking away a lazy rainy afternoon. Note that this chair was designed for indoor use only. This chair is also a snap to assemble with the help of the enclosed tool kit. Children love having their own furniture, so this rocking chair is the perfect gift for the little one in your life. Order your honey Colonial children’s rocking chair today. You won’t regret it.


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