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Do you love wicker? Then you'll love our fine selection of wicker rocking chairs. We've got oversized wicker rockers, classic wicker rockers, and wicker rocking chair sets. Many of our selections are made out of durable resin all-weather wicker that doesn't fray, snap, or fade and resists water damage like a charm. Each of these wicker rocking chairs would make a great addition to your back porch or outdoor room. Start browsing our selection now.

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

Wicker isn't just a classic choice. It's been a part of human history since ancient Egypt. In ancient times, wicker chests and baskets were both very common. Now, wicker is a go-to choice for outdoor patio furniture. You'll love our full selection of beautiful colors and styles. Each of these outdoor rocking chairs is built to last and made for comfort. Our full selection includes rockers from the Tortuga Outdoor Rocking Chair collection, as well as the Lexington Collection. If you love oversized rockers take a look at our Maracay or Tuscan Lorne oversized rocking chairs, too. Every wicker lover can find just the right rocking chair right here. Wicker rocking chairs make great gifts for family members and friends, too. Every piece in our collection is a high-quality item that offers maximum comfort, beauty and strength. Wicker rocking chair sets can help you outfit your porch in an instant, too. Isn't it time that you experienced the timeless beauty of wicker for yourself while enjoying the great American rocking chair tradition? If so, start shopping now.