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Rocking chairs are an icon of childhood for most of us, and children's rocking chairs are often just the thing to complete your nursery. We've got a wide selection to choose from, including classic spindle or slat chairs as well as a more modern upholstered kid's rocker. Yes, we've got rocking horses, too! We've got nursing foot stools for mom's comfort as well. Just browse our high-quality selection below to find your children's rocking chair today!

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Most kids love having a chair of their very own. It makes them feel grown-up, like Mom and Dad. Having a chair of their very own is also more comfortable for them, since a children's rocking chair is designed to support their body weight and size, rather than leaving them to be swallowed by a much larger piece of furniture. You can match your children's chair to your adult's chair as we have all of the same sizes available, including spindle chairs, slat chairs, Colonial chairs, and Bob Timberlake chairs. Each chair is given just as much quality and attention as their adult counterparts are. These rocking chairs make an ideal gift for any child, and are durable enough to last--which means one day your children might well pass one of these beautiful rocking chairs on to their children! You'll love watching your child settle into his or her very own rocker with a good book or a doll, ready to be swept away in a world of imagination and fun. Order your child's rocking chair today!