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Children’s Deluxe Spindle Rocking Chair – Natural


Natural color, natural beauty.

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The Deluxe Natural Spindle Kid’s Rocking Chair was designed with smaller bodies in mind so that your child remains comfortable and safe throughout his or her rocking experience. The chair stands at just 11.75 inches so that kids are safe as they climb in and out of the chair. The charming natural grain of the wood is a pleasure to look at and the shining finish offers a smooth, sleek feel. This chair was hand crafted with intense love and care. It’s the perfect place to settle in with a doll or a book, or to share time with the family. It’s especially nice on long rainy days or cold winter days when there’s not much to do (this chair is only rated for indoor use). The chair is built with hardwoods for extra-durability, which means it’s more than capable of handling the antics of a rough and tumble child. It also has an extra-thick seat, which means you won’t have to wince every time your child carelessly plops or flops down in it. This chair is very easy to assemble and comes with its own special tool set to make it super easy. This is the perfect gift for any child, and it’s one they’ll be able to pass on as an heirloom to future generations. If there’s a child in your life who you’d love to see enjoying the great American rocking chair tradition just order your deluxe natural spindle-style child’s wooden rocking chair today.


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