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Do you love the classics? Then you're going to love this full selection of beautiful rocking chairs. Choose from any number of classic styles, including Jefferson chairs, country slat rocking chairs, Farm 5 Road chairs, Bob Timberlake chairs, Spindleback chairs, Presidential chairs, and Carolina chairs. We've got the right rocking chair for you, whether it's living on your front porch or in your living room. We've even got rocking chair sets to choose from, and you're going to love our awesome array of colors.

27 Item(s)

27 Item(s)

How do you choose the right rocking chair? That's a great question! First, you think about how you're going to use it. Are you envisioning long evenings dozing in front of the fire? Are you planning to watch the world go by from the comfort of your front porch? Will these chairs be the perfect addition to an outdoor room? Or are you placing your rocking chair in the nursery for some baby bonding time? Next, think about sizes and colors. You'll want to choose a chair which fits comfortably into your existing life. Finally, think about style. Do you want a rocking chair which sits up straight, or do you want one which very gently reclines to support your back? Do you feel more comfortable with a woven chair back, or are classic slats just fine by you? We've got plenty of options no matter what your preferences are. Just click on any of the chairs above to learn more about your new classic rocking chair!