The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Rocking Chairs

The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Rocking Chairs

If you are among the millions of Americans who decided to enhance the comfort of their living space in the past couple of years, you might be in the market for a new rocking chair. After all, a quality rocking chair provides perfect comfort for you to work, pursue your hobbies, or just do nothing.

Meanwhile, a quality rocking chair on your front porch could be just the personal touch that is needed to enhance your curb appeal and make your house feel like a home. If you have decided that now is the time to buy, it’s worth learning what the different types of rocking chairs are out there for you. Read our handy two-minute explainer to find out your rocking chair options.

1. Traditional Rocking Chair

This is the type of rocking chair that most of us think of when we first hear the term. It is typically made of wood, with a curved back and visible curved legs that serve as the motion mechanism.

They might be old-school, but the best ones are always built to last. These ones are also ideal if you are looking for some character as well as comfort. And don’t worry, you can easily add a rocking chair cushion to maximize the relaxation factor.

2. Outdoor Rocking Chairs

This is a catchall term that encompasses a number of different chairs. It could be a ladderback chair with an aesthetic resembling a white picket fence. It could be a waterproof wicker chair, that offers the essence of a Californian beach house. It could even be a basic plastic rocking chair.

If you’re looking for a new rocking chair for your porch, it is worth doing your research to find a style and size that suits your home and your tastes. Meanwhile, you will also want to measure your cushions to ensure that they are a good fit for your outdoor rocking chair.

3. Adirondack Rockers

Adirondack rockers are an ever-popular subset of outdoor rocking chairs that are more upmarket than your standard outdoor rockers. These chairs are sturdy and with a more contemporary design, built with materials that are designed to last and to survive all of the elements that might be thrown at them.

If you want an outdoor rocker that serves as a lifelong investment, consider purchasing a high-quality Adirondack chair today.

4. Children’s Rockers

Quality rocking chairs aren’t just for the grownups! You can even get a lovely traditional-style rocking chair for your little one. Children’s rockers are pint-sized and designed so that the user is never at a far height from the ground.

They will also be sturdy and allow for soothing rocking motion, without any aggressive movement. These are ideal if you want to give your child a relaxing gift that will keep them occupied for hours on end.

Find the Right Types of Rocking Chairs Today

Now that you know the types of rocking chairs out there, we’re here to help you make a decision. You can browse our store to see our full range of high-quality rocking chairs, or you can get in touch with our friendly team. We can help you find the perfect chair for your needs, tastes, and budget.