Nursery Glider Chair or Rocker: What’s Best For You?

Nursery Glider Chair or Rocker: What’s Best For You?

Any mom needs some rest.

Whether you’re pregnant or you’ve already had your baby, it’s important that you have some time off your feet.

That’s why it’s vital to have a good chair to sit in. And only you can pick the perfect chair for you and your baby.

You’ve probably heard about the difference between two kinds: the rocker and the nursery glider chair.

Either kind can be better for you. Here’s what you need to know before choosing yours.

The Basics

Every year, around four million births happen in the US. Now that’s a bunch of babies.

It’s a safe bet that most of those babies sleep a lot of the time. It’s also a safe bet that their mothers often get tired.

That’s where chairs come in. The difference between the two kinds of chairs is not massive, but definitely important.

A nursery glider chair is defined generally as a chair that slides back and forth while you sit in it. The sliding motion does not change the height of the sitter. You’ll stay on a flat line throughout the whole gliding experience.

A rocker, on the other hand, moves up and down, only when you push it.

They both totally rock, but only rockers literally rock.

Both can be good for helping inch your baby closer to napping while also giving you some structural support. After you have carried your baby all day long, you’ll be feeling a bit of back stiffness, if you didn’t know already.

Never fear–these chairs are often designed to give you back support so you can feel better while walking around every day.

Now let’s get into the benefits of each kind.

What’s Best about a Nursery Glider Chair?

There are many great things to say about gliders. At the front of any list should be the freedom they give the sitter.

Someone sitting in a glider chair can sit in any position while in the chair. No matter how his or feet are positioned, the motion of the chair happens without having to shift your weight back and forth.

That might be enough to convince you to get one right now. If you’re not sold, there’s more to it still.

Like rockers, these chairs have plenty of padding. That means extra comfort for you and your baby, whenever you want it.

In general, these chairs can have more dynamic features than rockers.

Remember how this kind of chair glides at a flat level? That means there’s more stability than with rockers. That allows more features to be included on a nursery glider chair.

Many new models coming out today have features like zippers and pockets to help you hold and store valuables.

That means you could put the phone on silent and tuck it away in a pocket. And you won’t have to worry about it keeping you up if you doze off for a few minutes.

Hold on–isn’t sleeping with your baby a risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Well, yes, it certainly is.

But gliding chairs are getting more diverse in their design. Many are now being built to let you and the baby be at the most comfortable position possible.

And, you know, it’s possible for you to think about more than just your baby constantly. When your significant other, friend or relative is taking a turn with the young one, you can take out a book that you’ve zipped away in the chair.

And that will be nice.

How about a Rocker?

A rocker, on the other hand, is a more traditional take on how to be comfortable.

A rocker lets you control the movement of your chair, which gives you a little more power over yourself and your baby.

And then there’s the comfort argument. Despite what anyone tells them, there are many people who simply think that the rocking of a rocker is more comfortable than anything else.

They liken it to the lull of a train–the kind that can knock you and your kid right out.

And, a good rocker can provide you with some back pain relief.

Other Factors to Consider

Still, it’s important to remember that there are other ways for you to choose between the two kinds of chairs.

You should consult with the important people involved with you and your baby to figure out what they think is best.

After all, they will probably be sitting in the chair at some point.

They can also give you advice on angling for you and the baby, and how to be most comfortable.

And that leaves just one more part to consider.

Consider Cost

These beds can cost a lot, or not a lot. It all depends on what you want.

Browsing the available options can help give you an idea of the price range of most of these chairs.

You need to think about the chair you want. Of course, you’ll be using it for sitting. But for how long?

If you want a chair that’ll only last a few years, you should look at the cheaper end.

But a nursery glider chair is a great investment to make. If you do end up spending a bit more money, you will end up with a lovely chair to use for years. Many even a generation or two.

The Choice is Yours

You’re now ready to pick a new chair for you and your baby. It’ll come in handy when your baby is sleepy, or you need to feed your child.

And it’ll definitely be nice when you need a rest.

Many people will be in your ear trying to help you make small decisions throughout the early days of your motherhood. But don’t let them take this decision away from you.

At the end of the day, only you know whether a rocker or nursery glider chair is best for you. With your new chair, you’ll be able to relax better than ever before.

If you have any questions about the best chair, feel free to reach out to ask about our products. Contact the team here.

And then take a seat. You deserve it.

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