7 Tips for Choosing Rocking Chair Pads

7 Tips for Choosing Rocking Chair Pads

Your rocking chair is no doubt your favorite place to sit in your home, but did you know there are ways to make it even better?

Rocking chair pads are a cost-effective way to keep your rocking chairs as comfortable as possible and they may even make you wonder why you’re just considering one now!

How do you know what kind of pad to choose? We at The Rocking Chair have been part of front porches for over 17 years, making sure your chairs are perfect is our passion.

Read on to learn 7 tips for picking the perfect pad for your rocking chair!

1. Indoor Chairs

The first thing you should consider when going through your rocking chair options of pads is whether or not your rocking chair is inside or outside.

For an indoor chair, you have the freedom of picking from a wider variety of fabrics since the chair won’t be exposed to outside elements like rain and dirt. You can go wild with your selections!

2. Outdoor Chairs

For an outdoor chair, you will want to be pickier about the fabric. With elements to consider like the sun, rain, winds, and dirt to think of, you should look into Sunbrella fabrics.

These fabrics have been tested for their durability and quality. At The Rocking Chair Company, we have this fabric in 60 different colors and patterns!

3. Consider Back Comfort

Long periods of sitting can sometimes contribute to both upper and lower back pain.

Make sure to test out your pads for ultimate comfort and support. You want to be as comfortable as possible in your chair so you can sit in it for as long as you want.

4. Matching

Consider what other colors your rocking chair pad will be near. Think about the design of your room and what patterns and colors will contribute to the look and feel of it.

If you’re unsure, make sure to ask for swatches! Swatches will allow you to see what the color or pattern of your choice will look like in whichever setting you choose.

5. Cleaning

Fabric means you will have to clean it at some point; accidents happen!

If you want an easy clean up make sure to look for fabrics that will make that possible. Certain fabrics stain easier than others!

6. Sizing

You will want to make sure that your pad fits on your chair. An ill-fitting pad may be uncomfortable and even hard to sit on.

Find our guide on how to properly size your pad for your rocking chair here.

7. Customizing

The best thing you can do for your chair is customize it! Don’t be afraid to make big and small changes to your chair until it feels perfect.

Read our frequently asked questions page for any questions. You can also gather ideas for what you can customize on your old or new rocking chair.

Find Your Rocking Chair Pads Today

Now you know all about how to choose the best rocking chair pads!

Visit our website for options on rocking chairs, a multi-use rocking chair, and, of course, our page about rocking chair pads!

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