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Square Cedar Table w/ 4 Backed Benches


A square table and four backed benches made from cedar.

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Sturdy, dependable and handsome in design, this square table with four backed benches are all made in high-quality, durable red cedar wood. They will make an eye-catching and fantastic addition to your collection of backyard and patio furniture, and they will make a perfect place to entertain guests for casual dinner parties, barbecues, children’s birthday parties or whatever else your imagination can come up with, all in the comfort and the privacy of your own backyard! This table is not only great for entertaining, but it’s also useful as an alternative space for working on any messy projects that might otherwise damage expensive indoor flooring or furniture. This square table will comfortably seat four people around it. Since it’s hand-made from Western Red Cedar wood, it’s not only of high quality and has a high durability, it’s also naturally resistant to the damaging effects of weather, time and insects. The wood has been sanded smooth, and the corners of the table and benches have a clipped edge. It can be ordered unfinished for a raw, simplistic look or, for an additional price, it can be finished in a variety of colored stains. Additionally, at no extra cost to you, you may select to have a two-inch hole drilled into the center planks of the table, allowing for the insertion of an umbrella which will shade you from the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. Both the picnic table and backed benches are crafted and made in the USA.



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