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Crossleg Cedar Bench


A hand-crafted, backless, crossleg bench made from red cedar.

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As the warmer weather beckons you and your family outdoors, this hand-crafted, durable, backless crossleg bench will make an ideal place to sit. It’s hand-crafted from fine Western Red Cedar wood, making it sure to impress with its good looks and its long-lasting strength. Useful for so much more than just being added to a picnic table for barbecues and meal times, this bench works as a stand-alone piece of furniture that will prove irreplaceable and invaluable. It can be placed in the backyard or out on the front porch as somewhere to sit and watch your children playing, or as a place to enjoy the weather, a sunset, or the view of your gardening and landscaping. It can also be placed in a mudroom as somewhere to sit while removing dirty shoes. This bench has the strength to even act as a storage space for potted plants that may need to be brought indoors for the winter weather. Whatever you decide, this backless, crossleg bench will not disappoint you and will serve as a pleasing and functional accessory for your outdoor furniture collection. Since it is built from Western Red Cedar wood, this bench is capable of withstanding a lot of rough treatment, both from your family and from the weather. The wood is naturally resistant to rot, decay and the damage that can come from insect infestations. So not only will it look good year after year, but it will remain strong and dependable. This bench comes unfinished, or for an additional cost, you can select a soy-based stain to be applied. Various sizes are also available on the site, so be sure to select the bench that will best suit your needs. This backless crossleg bench is proudly made in the USA.



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