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Folding Oval End Table – Cedar


Handsome oval end table made of cedar for the outdoors.

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Perfect for those lazy summer afternoons when you??e out on your front porch and relaxing, this outdoor folding end table is hand-crafted from Western Red Cedar wood. It?? versatile as well as handsome, with a design that may be simple but is also rustic, timelessly classic, and tasteful. It will be sure to accentuate the outdoor d?cor of any garden, back yard or veranda, and with its durability and high-quality construction, it will soon become more than a mere table. It will become an heirloom you can pass down to future generations. This folding oval end table is perfect for a variety of uses, such as holding drinks or meals, or being put to work holding potted plants, materials for work projects, or anything else that you might want a table for at all. When finished with it, the folding legs will allow you to easily close it up and put it away safely into storage. Thanks to its construction from Western Red Cedar, not only will this table look good, but it will be sure to last through whatever abuse could come its way. Red cedar wood is renowned for its natural resilience, able to resist the damaging effects of wood rot and decay brought about by water damage, sun exposure, and insect predation. It?? a heavy table for its size, able to take on weight without collapsing like flimsier models might. When ordering, please select from either unfinished or finished wood. This folding oval end table is proudly made in the USA.



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