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Crossleg Cedar Table w/ 2 Benches


A sturdy and dependable crossleg picnic table with two benches.

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When warmth and sunshine call you back outdoors, this hand-crafted, crossleg picnic table with backless benches will give your family endless hours of fun and enjoyment. It’s made with fine, durable, high-quality Western Red Cedar wood, making it a perfect choice for whatever your family might throw at it, be it barbecues or projects. Its strength will give it long-lasting life, as will the properties of cedar wood which give it a natural, inherent resistance to rot, decay and insect damage. This crossleg table and set of two benches is great for more than just mealtime. If you have expensive indoor flooring and furnishings, it’s a fantastic alternative for a workplace, accommodating wood crafting projects, home improvement projects, or children’s arts and crafts. This table comes either unfinished, or if you prefer, it can be ordered with a variety of soy-based wood stains. There are varying sizes of this table on the website, so you have a selection and can choose what will best fit your family’s needs. In the style of traditional picnic tables, the two benches are detached, but they come included with this particular set. Furthermore, at no additional cost to you, you may select to have a two-inch hole drilled into the center of the table to accommodate a table umbrella. When the summer’s sun is shining, the rays can cause harmful UV damage to your skin. Having an umbrella over the table will not only provide shade and relief from the heat, but it will also protect your skin. This picnic table and its benches are all proudly made in the USA.



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