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Traditional Cedar Backed Bench


An outdoor backed bench hand-made from durable cedar wood.

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This backed bench made from red cedar wood is simply-designed but well-crafted, making it ruggedly durable as well as pleasing to the eye. It’s an ideal place for sitting in the warmer weather, sure to impress your guests and your family with its strength and classic, natural appearance. A bench is useful for so much more than becoming an addition to a picnic table, although this bench would greatly enhance any wooden table you might currently own. You could place this bench in your garden or in your backyard as somewhere to sit, relax, and admire a sunset or the beauty of the outdoors around you. It’s also an ideal selection of furniture for a mudroom, when you need somewhere to sit and take off your shoes. Whatever you choose and however you use it, this backed bench will be sure to handle the job while remaining functional and good-looking. It’s built from Western Red Cedar wood, meaning that it has the strength and resilience to weather the elements or the rigors of rough usage. Cedar itself is naturally resistant to the effects of decay, rot and insect damage, and it’s solid enough that it will feel sturdy and reliable, rather than flimsy and cheaply-made. This backed bench is available in unfinished wood, if you prefer a natural look or if you want to apply your own paints or stains, but for an additional cost, you can select a stain from our site. We also offer various sizes of this bench, so be certain to select which best fits your needs and the needs of your family. This hand-crafted backed bench is proudly made in the USA.



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