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Porch Swing A-Frame Stand – Cedar


A cedar A-frame stand that supports a swing or swingbed.

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Built to be sturdy and functional, this A-frame hand-crafted from Western Red Cedar wood stands ready to support the weight of a traditional swing or a swingbed. It’s handsome in design and without frills or ostentatious ornamentation, putting the focus on and keeping it on the swing or the swingbed which it is meant to support. The A-frame features two supportive beams, connected at the top and reinforced yet again, making sure that this frame will hold a substantial amount of weight without collapsing the way cheaper, flimsier furniture might. It’s a perfect choice for the back or front yards, or for a garden, where you cannot mount a swing to the ceiling of a porch. It gives you the option of having a wonderful, relaxing getaway, so you can sit and enjoy the comfortable rocking of a swing or swingbed, without being tied down to a location where the view might not be as wonderful as that from within your garden. This outdoor set comes with swing hangers included, so you don’t have to buy additional hardware. Because this A-frame has been built from Western Red Cedar wood, you can be sure it will withstand the tests of time and exposure to the elements. Red Cedar wood is renowned for its natural resistance to all manner of damage, including wood rot from water, insect predation and the sun’s UV rays. It’s tough and durable as well as attractive in appearance. In short, cedar wood is one of the most prized materials in the furniture industry. When ordering, please choose from either unfinished or finished wood. This cedar A-frame is proudly made in the USA.



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