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Traditional English Porch Swing – Cedar


Elegant, durable traditional English swing made from cedar with chains.

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This traditional English porch swing blends both comfort and timeless style as well as sturdy functionality with its durable, red cedar wood construction. When added to your front porch, it will create a haven where you can go to enjoy warmer outdoor weather, put your feet up, and watch the setting sun, children playing in the front yard, or just enjoy a quiet conversation with a friend or family member. Included with this swing is a pair of heavy-duty chains, to support the back and bottom, fully capable of holding a significant amount of weight. When ordering, you have the option of selecting the option of comfort springs for the porch swing. These springs, when placed in position, provide excellent shock absorbance, and you will never feel roughly jarred when getting on or off of the swing. They will easily and smoothly accommodate your weight, making it feel as though you are gliding into place. As mentioned before, this traditional English swing porch is built to last, capable of resisting the decay and rot of wet, windy weather and damage from rough use. Cedar is a wood that naturally resists an array of damage caused by the elements as well as insect predation. For this reason, as well as its elegant appearance, cedar is a highly-prized wood. When you buy this porch swing, you aren’t buying a mere piece of furniture. It will become an heirloom that you’ll cherish and feel proud of. When ordering, you can select an unfinished swing so that you can paint it or stain it yourself for a fully unique piece, or you can choose from a variety of natural stains for your swing. This porch swing is made proudly in the USA.



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