Patio Decor Secrets That’ll Make You Want To Stay Outside Forever

Patio Decor Secrets That’ll Make You Want To Stay Outside Forever


If home is where the heart is, then the patio is the smile that brings people in. Patios come in all different shapes and sizes, but their function is the same – a cozy outdoor space to be enjoyed by many people.

Can you remember the last time you saw your neighbors spending time on the patio? What about you? When was the last time you made it out onto the porch, or back onto the deck?

A patio that isn’t used frequently is not living up to its potential.

You could be a few easy ideas away from cultivating a great patio space that can be enjoyed by you, your family, and even your neighbors. Who isn’t looking to make new friends?

A tight-knit community is an aspect that is missing from most neighborhoods of today. And a beautiful patio space is a way to invite people to get to know you and develop an appreciation for the neighborhood.

The good news is that most great patio decor ideas naturally encourage togetherness. You’ll see as you read along:


Your Patio Decor Should Match Your House

Bargains can be hard to pass up, but you wouldn’t slap a log cabin-esque rocker on the porch to a beach house. You also wouldn’t set a wicker love seat next to a bright green plastic Adirondack chair.

To the same effect, less is sometimes best. You don’t need to go overboard with your theme. Having your patio furniture and pieces share common materials and colors bring a much-needed cohesiveness to your space.

You don’t need seashells, tons of sand, and a “life’s a beach” plaque to get an airy, breezy beachy feel to a patio. Just opt for some teak furniture, and maybe a thematic trinket or small centerpiece for the table if you have one.

You aren’t competing for a spread in Home and Garden. But you also can’t deny aesthetics’ role in decor.


Cushions: Where Form Meets Function

Every patio is going to be subject to the elements. Rain, sleet, cold, heat, ice, sand you name it. Maybe part of the reason every patio isn’t being used to its full potential is because of how quickly the decor can start to look drab.

Always make sure you treat your wood furniture and opt for wicker if that sounds like too much work. Wicker is still a patio’s best friend.

If the furniture can take it, use cushions on your seating. Not only does this make it more comfortable to actually be sitting out on the patio, but they are an easy way to refresh the space.

Once they start to get dirty, just take them off and wash them. They cover so much of the seat that it’s usually just the cushion that needs cleaning.

You can also buy new covers for quick ways to change up your space.

You’d be amazed at what a palette change via a cushion swap and a vase of flowers can do to a patio. Speaking of flowers…

Speaking of flowers…


Flower Power: Showcase Your Garden

Whether you are a prolific gardener or just maintain a small flowerbed, having a vase handy to showcase fresh clippings brings a nice pastoral touch to your patio space.

You might enjoy some coffee or tea with the sunrise, or a nightcap with the sunset. You can’t argue that it feels great to set your drink down next to a bouquet of some fine (and local) garden work.

What better way to enjoy the garden without actually having to get up and walk through it? This is the best way to wake up and smell the roses.


The Best Seats In The House

Admittedly, a picture-perfect patio setup can only be enjoyed so much if it isn’t looking out over a beautiful space. With landscaping, things can get expensive really quick. But, there are a few ways get a more enchanting view from the patio on a budget, and all you really need is a tree.

Trees are always a focal-point of a yard, making them prime real-estate for some easy DIY tricks to create a warm, inviting space to gaze out upon from the patio.

Investing in some affordable string lights will bring spots of warm soft light reminiscent of the glow of fireflies. Now there’s a scene you could gaze upon for hours. Plus, who wants to sit out in the dark all the time?

Make sure to get the solar lights for some no-hassle, energy-conscious decorating. It’s as easy as wrapping a couple ropes up the tree and through a few branches.

If you don’t find yourself out at night much, you can hang beads or crystal garlands from tree branches for a nice daytime touch as well. It’s that kind of rustic flair you might find in Louisiana.

These cool hanging mason jar candles make for a great project. They’re a great touch in both the yard and the patio (if you don’t mind changing batteries every now and then).


Every Patio Needs A Rocker

A quality rocking chair (or two or three) is probably one of the most important investments you can make for your patio decor. Sure there are simpler, cheaper options, but nothing says slow country living like a well-crafted rocker on your porch.

I suggest comfort first and foremost. If you haven’t read my guide to picking the most comfortable rocking chair, take a peek. Of course, a well-placed cushion can make the most antique rockers cozy.

Rockers come in all shapes and sizes, so you won’t have any trouble finding one to match your patio decor.

Rocking isn’t necessarily a solo activity either. Double rockers ensure that two people can enjoy the pinnacle of relaxation – rocking gently on the patio, on a beautiful day or night with some beautiful scenery.

Plus, it isn’t hard to support American craftsmanship with a rocking chair purchase.

The more love you put into your patio decor, the more love you’ll get out of it.

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