Advantages and Disadvantages of Wicker Patio Furniture

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wicker Patio Furniture



Wicker remains one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture for the patio. Consisting of semi-thick fibrous material that’s interwoven together, it’s a highly durable yet incredibly lightweight solution. Cultures throughout the world have used wicker to create furniture for centuries, and even today it remains a popular choice among homeowners. But there are both pros and cons associated with wicker furniture that you need to be aware of, especially if you intend to use outdoors.


What is Wicker?


It’s a common assumption that wicker is a special type of plant or fabric, but this isn’t the case. Wicker is actually a method of weaving fibers together to create furniture. The actual material used in wicker furniture may consist of cane stalk, rattan, or various synthetic fabrics.



Wicker Furniture Pros


Among the greatest benefits of choosing wicker furniture for the patio is its high level of style and aesthetics. Wicker possesses a unique appearance in which the fibers are woven together in a clean, seamless manner. Most homeowners will agree that it’s a brilliant, attractive addition to their patio. Adding just a single piece of genuine wicker furniture to your patio is sure to have a positive impact on its décor.


As we mentioned earlier, wicker furniture is also incredibly lightweight. A typical wicker chair or table may weigh just a couple of pounds, which is in stark contrast to similar pieces of furniture made of different materials. This means you can easily move it around without having to recruit an extra set of hands.


Wicker Furniture Cons


Of course, there are also some drawbacks to using wicker patio furniture, such as its susceptibility to damage. Depending on the actual materials used in its construction, bumping or hitting a piece of wicker furniture may break or otherwise damage it. And when this occurs, there’s no easy fix. Granted, cosmetic damage such as this shouldn’t affect the furniture’s functionality, but it will take away from its aesthetics.


Another possible disadvantage of wicker patio furniture is its large size. Wicker furniture is typically larger than cast-iron or other furniture, which may prove troublesome for homeowners working with limited space. If your patio is small, for instance, you may not have the available space for large pieces of furniture, in which case you’ll have to seek alternative, non-wicker pieces.

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