Nursery Decor Ideas for a Sweet and Cozy Nest

Nursery Decor Ideas for a Sweet and Cozy Nest


After you’ve chosen the color and cradle, it’s time to focus on the last details of your baby room–nursery decor.

Nursery decor can pull a room together by adding the final touches to your dream nursery room. That being said, you’ll want to make sure you don’t choose the wrong decor.

When choosing these finishing features of your baby room, there are plenty of things to consider, but some are more mandatory than others. Check out these nursery decor necessities to find out what not to miss.


5 Nursery Decor Necessities


#1: To Theme Or Not To Theme


If you’re struggling to pick a theme for your nursery decor, we’re here to help. Whether you choose to create a theme throughout your baby room, or go themeless, this is an important first step in creating the nursery of your dreams.

To Theme…

If you’re set on having a theme for your baby room, but aren’t sure what to do, find a piece you love and go from there.

For instance, if you found the perfect airplane mobile, go with a travel theme. If your mom handed down a bunny print pillow from your old baby room, perhaps go with an animal themed room for your own baby.

When choosing a theme, think about how you want the space to feel, and what you want to instill in your bundle of joy.

Not To Theme…

Though themes are fun and can make the gift registry process a bit easier, you can also consider not having a theme.

Or, if you do decide to have a theme, don’t feel like you have to go all-out in order to make the nursery feel cohesive.

Nurseries without an obvious theme can be just as fun.

For instance, you can instead focus your efforts on a strong overall color scheme. Then, add theme through accessories such as stuffed animals or books.

The best part of a themeless nursery? The small accessories you choose to pull the room together can easily be changed as your baby grows!


#2: A Must Have: Mobiles


A mobile is a staple piece of nursery decor for any baby room. However, once you’ve chosen just the right one, you’ll want to mount the mobile properly.

A mobile is a total must-have, but make sure you’re mounting it right by following these mobile tips:

  • Make sure that the mobile is out of the reach of the baby. If the hook that holds on to the mobile snaps, that’s a dangerous choking hazard for a child.
  • Lower the crib mattress to keep crib-mounted mobiles out of reach. Or mount the mobile to the ceiling above the crib, making sure the hook is attached securely to a stud.
  • Look for anything that can hang safely over the crib and would be eye catching for a baby.


#3: Fashionable AND Functional Decor


When choosing your nursery decor, look for pieces that are not only fashionable but also functional.

Here are a few tips to choosing nursery decor that both in style and with purpose.

  • Canvas storage bins: Storage bins made from canvas are a wonderful way to hide and store essentials. If regular canvas storage bins sound like a bore to you, add some hand painted details. Pick up some paints at your local craft store and get to work–now you have fashionable, functional (and personal) art!
  • Personalized wall art: Personalizing what you put on the walls of your nursery is a wonderful way to provide your child with a keepsake that will be enjoyed for years. For instance, frame pages from your favorite childhood storybook to create novel wall art.
  • Shelving and some sparkle: Don’t let your walls go to waste. Shelving is a great way to organize your baby’s nursery room. If you want to add a dramatic effect to the feel of the room, add a chandelier with it!


#4: Rock The Rocker


Speaking of fashionable and functional nursery decor, is a rocking chair or glider a nursery necessity?

Absolutely. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what some moms have to say about this necessary nursery addition.

“Rocking your baby is one of the sublime pleasures of life…It makes a peaceful transition from activity to sleep and establishes a comforting routine.”

“I definitely recommend having something that you can sit in with the baby for night-time feedings or for when the baby just needs to be held and helped to sleep”

“I used one [a glider] with all 3 of my babies and I can’t imagine not having it. I’ll always cherish those times rocking my boys in that chair.”

While a rocking chair as part of your nursery decor will complete the room’s look, it will also serve a purpose.

Rocking chairs are perfect for nursing a newborn, but make sure to buy the right one.

Do your research to find the right rocking chair. Or, test them out to choose the most comfortable rocker for you and your baby.

In addition to choosing the right rocker, you’ll also want to pick a rocking chair cushion that matches your theme.


#5: The Night-Light You’ll All Need


Although your baby won’t be afraid of the dark until a little further down the road, a night-light is a nursery necessity for more than just your baby’s sake.

A night-light is that nursery essential that will keep you and your partner from stubbing your toes when you stumble in for those 2 a.m. feedings.

The mellow glow of a night-light (rather than the glare of a bright light bulb) will also help your baby to learn to distinguish between night and day.

In addition to a night-light, you may also want to add a dimmer for softer overhead lighting. Pair at least one floor lamp for additional ambient light, and you will be good to go!
What has been a must-have for your baby room(s) in the past? If you’re a new expecting mother, what do you think will get the most use out of your nursery? We want to hear what you have to say in the comments!

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