How to Choose Perfect Rocking Chair Cushions

How to Choose Perfect Rocking Chair Cushions


There’s nothing quite like a rocking chair.

Whether for contemplating life on the porch after dinner, reading a book next to a window on a rainy afternoon, or rocking a baby or small child to sleep, nothing can match the soothing and calming effect of a rocking chair.

Add in some rocking chair cushions and not only does it elevate the comfort of the chair, but the look as well.

While there are no single rocking chair cushions that are right for everyone, there are those that will be right for you.

Depending on what you want from a cushion – from the perfect fit for your body right down to the perfect fit for that rustic corner in the cabin – there are several factors you’ll want to ponder.

At the top of the list are these simple considerations:

  • Do they comfortably fit the style and size of the chair?
  • Are they constructed for durability with multi-layered filler or stuffing?
  • Do they match or complement the existing decor in the room?
  • Will they be used indoors or outdoors?

Style and Size

The first thing to consider when looking for the perfect rocking chair cushions is, of course, the style and size of the chair.

Different chair styles will have different cushion construction requirements. For example, a classic wood rocker with spindles and slat seats and backs will probably need ties to keep the padding from sliding right off the chair. But a nursery rocker requires deeper and more supportive cushioning that cradles the caregiver.

For example, a classic wood rocker with spindles and slat seats and backs will probably need ties to keep the padding from sliding right off the chair. But a nursery rocker requires deeper and more supportive cushioning that cradles the caregiver.

As far as the fit, think about this – Do you want a cushion that covers the chair, or if it’s a designer chair, do you want one that reveals more of the chair’s lines?

Keep in mind that the cushion not only protects your behind from a hard seat, but it also protects the chair from the wearing of paint or other damage. And another bonus, it’s cheaper to replace a cushion than it is to fix or replace the actual rocking chair.

So get to measuring!

To ensure that the cushions are a good match for the seat, either measure old cushions that were well-fitted or measure the rocking chair itself. While old cushions may have shrunken over time, they’ll still give you a good indication of the sizes you’ll need.

And don’t worry if you can’t find rocking chair cushions in the exact size you need. Some rocking chair companies offer custom-made rocking chair cushions with tons of choices for fabric.


If this isn’t your first time looking for rocking chair cushions, then you already know the importance of durability. Especially if you’re now dealing with flattened cushions that showed sign of wear and fading far too quickly.

Of course, all filling compresses over time. No cushions are going to be eternal. But there are some that last far longer than others.

But filling is filling, right? Doesn’t matter as long as it’s comfortable.

Not quite. There are two main types of fillings used in cushions.

The first is dense foam wrapped in cotton batting that can be popped straight in and out of the cushion cover. This makes for easier maintenance and cleaning and potentially longer life for the cushion.

The second type of filling is resilient polyester fiberfill which while offering more comfort, are also much harder to clean. In most cases, once these cushions get dirty, most people choose to simply replace them.

Of course, the type of fabric chosen for the cushion will consider into its durability too. Generally speaking, the more expensive the cushion, the higher the quality. But there are no absolutes.

Still, if you’re willing to spend a little more for a higher quality cushion and willing to take care of it, you’re more than likely going to have those rocking chair cushions last a whole lot longer.

Fabric and Decor

So while it seems that we already addressed the durability issue, we haven’t. Not completely at least.

While you want your cushion construction to be durable, you may want to consider durability when it comes to picking out your fabric. This isn’t to say that you should settle only for jute or naugahyde. (In fact, you should never settle for these.)

It’s just that some fabrics endure better than others. And if it’s durability you want from your fabric, your best bet is to stick with something that’s tough and can support spot cleaning.

On the other hand, you may see a fabric with a design that is perfect with your decor. Everything about it matches the theme and color pallette of the room and it would be an ideal fit for your chair.

But it’s only available in cotton.

Cotton is a wonderful fabric, but it is quicker to get dirty. So then you have to weigh your options. If everything about the cushion is perfect except the type of fabric, are you willing to make that concession for the sake of bringing continuity to your design?

It may be that cotton will be just fine for your situation. But then again, if the cushions are going to be in a more demanding environment, it might not.

Speaking of demanding environments…

Indoors or Outdoors?

So it should go without saying that cotton is not going to be the go-to for that rocking chair cushions on the front porch or screened-in patio in the back.

The great outdoors is not so great on fabrics meant for the indoors so it’s important that you go with fabrics specifically made to not fade or mildew and to withstand the elements.

The Final Wrap

Your best bet for buying rocking chair cushions is to take advantage of the expertise and wide variety offered online.

Once you pick a cushion that you like, check out the reviews. You’ll get a sense of the quality and its ability to perform. And then trust your gut.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you look for when searching for the perfect rocking chair cushions.


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