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Marlboro Swingbed – Cedar


Elegant and comfortable Marlboro swingbed made from Western Red Cedar.

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Once you settle down onto this elegant, cedar Marlboro swingbed, you’ll never want to get up again! This swingbed has all of the comfort of a traditional front porch swing, but it takes it to a whole new level with its extra space to accommodate sitting or lying down. As the weather warms up, your front porch will be transformed from a place to pass through on your way inside to a place where you’ll actually want to sit and stay, to spend time with friends and family, and find peace and relaxation after a long day. This porch swingbed boasts an elegant design that incorporates comfort with its solid seat, slatted back, slatted arms, and fanciful carving on the back. For additional comfort, you have the option of ordering a weatherproofed cushion for the swing, which will be shipped with the set. Two sturdy, heavy-duty chains are included with this cedar porch swingbed, capable of holding a significant amount of weight so that you can swing securely and relax without worry of it falling apart like cheaper, flimsier furniture might. Comfort springs are also available with this porch swingbed set, and when added, they will give you the impression that you’re gliding gently on and off of the swing. This Marlboro swingbed has been hand-crafted from Western Red Cedar wood, meaning that not only does it look good, but it’s sturdy and durable, capable of weathering the elements. Cedar is a wood that naturally resists damage from water, insects, UV rays and rot, and coupled with its distinct good looks, it’s considered one of the best woods available on the market. When ordering, please choose either unfinished or wood that has been finished with a stain. This porch swing is made proudly in the USA.



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