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Java Teak Side Table


A great addition to any decor, sturdy and reliable.

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The Java Teak Wooden Side Table is the perfect complement to the Java Teak Wooden Rocking Chair (they were built to go together), but it’s a beautiful stand-alone piece as well. Its gleaming, durable hardwood construction makes it an elegant component for any room as a place to quietly rest a drink, to hold a lamp, or to hold an elegant vase of flowers. This wooden side table is also environmentally friendly, as it was created on a regulated teak plantation in Jakarta, Indonesia. There, a special government agency sets guidelines on the number of trees which can be harvested and the number which may be replanted, which means you’ll be using a piece created from a well-managed renewable resource. You’ll also love just how durable this table really is. Teak is an extremely dense, course, grained hardwood that’s known for its ability to withstand punishment. Mortise and Tenon joinery and solid brass fittings make it even more durable. Fold-away legs mean that this table is easy to store whenever it’s no longer needed. There are dozens of different ways you can use this gorgeous table. You don’t find quality like this every day, so order your Java Teak Wooden Side Table today.


26″W x 26″D x 26″H
Weight: 32 lbs.

*This product is shipped mostly assembled*

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Weight 5 lbs


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