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POLYWOOD® South Beach Adirondack 3-Piece Set


3-piece Adirondack, ottoman, and side table set.

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Create an outdoor getaway just for you with the help of this POLYWOOD South Beach Adirondack 3 Piece Patio Set. The set includes one easy going South Beach Adirondack chair, a matching ottoman, and a matching side table for your iced tea or cold beer. This set looks great on your lawn, porch, or deck. The set was created with POLYWOOD, which looks like real painted wood but which doesn’t offer you any additional headaches. That is because POLYWOOD never needs to be waterproofed or weather proofed. It never needs to be stained or painted. It’s capable of withstanding almost any climate, because it’s made out of recycled HDPE plastic. Wood will rot, warp, decay, and splinter. POLYWOOD never will, which is why you can expect this chair to last for twenty years or more. Commercial grade stainless steel hardware resists corrosion too, so you won’t even have to worry about oil, salt spray, or other environmental hazards. Just clean your set off with a bit of soap and water and it will look as good as new. The entire set was made right here in the USA, too. Are you ready to relax? Then order your 3 piece South Beach Adirondack set today.



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