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POLYWOOD? Long Island Adirondack Table Ottoman 3-Piece Set


3 piece Adirondack chair set with Long Island side table.

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Create a backyard relaxation station with the help of this POLYWOOD Long Island 3 Piece Patio Seating Set. The set includes two lovely, sturdy Adirondack side chairs with a 18″ Long Island side table, the little detail that completes the set and offers you a place to set a drink or a book. The POLYWOOD construction maintains the classic Adirondack chair look by offering you a painted wood illusion while freeing you from all of the maintenance that painted wood requires. That’s because POLYWOOD is virtually indestructible, even when subjected to the toughest weather conditions. It won’t chip, stain, splinter, fade, warp, or rot. It’s also the eco-friendly choice since it’s made out of 90% recycled materials. Even the hardware is tough: it’s 18-8 stainless steel that resists corrosion with ease. This means that you’ll get to enjoy all of the pieces in your patio set for twenty years or more. The contoured, laid back Adirondack chair is so comfortable, you won’t have any trouble seeing why it’s one of the most popular outdoor chair types on the market. This set was made right here in the USA so you can trust its quality. Order your Long Island 3 Piece Patio set today.



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