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Heritage Double Adirondack


Double Adirondack outdoor patio chair.

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Share the classic Adirondack lounge chair with a friend with the help of this Little Cottage Company Heritage Double Adirondack chair. This patio lounge chair is very comfortable for two people to share. It retains the classic Adirondack shape, with a slightly reclined back and contoured seat and slightly curved arm rests which makes it the perfect place to stare out over the water, to watch the sunset, or to view the stars. Best of all this double Adirondack chair is super durable thanks to its HDPE synthetic poly construction. It looks like painted or stained wood but lasts for far longer because it’s impervious to water, so it won’t decay, warp, or rot. It doesn’t splinter, and you never need to sand it. The color won’t fade and there’s no chipping or cracking, so you’ll never need to paint it. The stainless steel fasteners won’t corrode, and the entire structure is durable so it can take a lot of punishment. It won’t attract insects or mildew, either. In short, this is a maintenance-free chair which can last for many years, and it’s ready to help you turn your back yard into the perfect getaway spot. Order your Double Adirondack chair today.


34″h x 55″w x 29″d


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