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POLYWOOD? Euro 7-Piece Dining Set


7 piece POLYWOOD outdoor dining set.

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Imagine purchasing a heavy-duty outdoor set that’s capable of lasting for years and years. That’s just what you get with this POLYWOOD recycled HPDE synthetic lumber 7 Piece Dining Set. Each piece in the set is made to last because it won’t rot, splinter, decay, fade under the force of UV rays, or warp. The POLYWOOD is attached to sturdy, outdoor-ready aluminum frames that are tough and ready to last. Your set includes four Euro-style dining side chairs and two Euro-style dining arm chairs, as well as a roomy 36″ x 72″ dining table that will offer plenty of space for eating, entertaining, and having a great time outdoors. This dining set is virtually maintenance free as it doesn’t require you to weatherproof it. Just use a little water to clean it up after each meal and you’re good to go. This set is very easy to assemble, and everything you need comes right in the box. Enjoy a natural wood look or enjoy a bright, clean white that won’t fade. Comes in four color combinations: mahogany with textured silver trim, teak with textured silver trim, sand with textured black trim, or white with textured bronze trim. Are you ready for outdoor dining fun? Order your Polywood 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set today.



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