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POLYWOOD® Nautical 5-Piece Bar Set


5-Piece Nautical POLYWOOD outdoor bar set.

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Whether you enjoy this set on land or sea, you’ll have a fine time enjoying outdoor dining with this Nautical POLYWOOD 5-Piece Patio Bar Set. This set includes four bar chairs with adjustable backs as well as a 44 inch bar table. It’s a great way to enjoy martinis with friends while enjoying a bright, sunny afternoon or fragrant spring day. Each piece looks as though it was made out of brightly painted wood. Unlike real wood, however, POLYWOOD doesn’t require any maintenance. That means you won’t have to worry about fading, warping, splintering, chipping, rotting, insects, or other outdoor hazards, no matter what kind of climate you live in. It’s all put together with commercial grade stainless steel hardware which resists corrosion like a dream. This all means that this set is fully capable of looking just like you even twenty years from now. You can feel good about bringing home such an eco-friendly product. This set was also made right here in the United States, which means you’ll be supporting the American economy when you choose to take it home with you. Enjoy your choice of three fun colors: white, mahogany, or slate grey. Order your 5-piece patio outdoor bar set today.



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