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Cup Holder Add-on – Cedar


An attachable cup holder accessory hand-crafted from red cedar wood.

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On those hot, summer days when the sun’s rays are beating down, you can sit and enjoy a cold beverage while keeping your hands free with the help of this attachable cup holder hand-crafted from Western Red Cedar wood. It’s a fantastic accessory for your outdoor furniture, looking just as high-class and dignified as your other pieces. While simple and often overlooked, you won’t know how you got along without it when you’ve had a chance to settle a glass into the holder. It takes up far less space than an end table, so it’s a great choice for those front porches or patios where space is at a premium, or for those times when the table’s already been taken up by other things. Using a cup holder on your chair also makes it clear that the glass in use belongs to you. It’s far less likely to be accidentally borrowed and sampled when you’re not paying attention. The cup holder can be attached to the arm rests of your cedar furniture, keeping your drink close at hand. It’s hand-crafted from high-quality, durable cedar wood, which will ensure it lasts through the years to come. Cedar wood is highly-renowned and highly-prized in the furniture industry for its naturally resistant properties. It’s able to withstand exposure to the elements, keeping its good looks and its solidity even when it’s endured sun and water exposure, and insects are naturally repelled by the wood. When ordering, you can select from unfinished wood or wood that’s been finished with one of several available stains. This attachable cup holder accessory is proudly made in the USA.



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