Glider vs Rocker: Which Type of Chair Is Right for Your Living Room?

Glider vs Rocker: Which Type of Chair Is Right for Your Living Room?

Are you looking for the perfect piece of furniture to tie your living room together?

If you enjoy spending time in your communal areas, then it’s important to have a comfortable piece of furniture to sit in. Rocking chairs are a soothing addition to any indoor or outdoor space, but it’s important to know a bit more about the two main types of rockers: rocking chairs and gliders.

In this post, we’re going to examine the glider vs rocker debate to help give you a better idea of what your home needs. They’re both great chairs, but keep reading and you’ll figure out which one you’ll love more.

What Is a Glider Chair?

A rocking chair is a classic design that has angled legs that cause it to rock back and forth with your weight. Gliders, on the other hand, are a newer design that ditches the angled legs for flat ones that move to-and-fro on its base.

Gliders are quieter than rockers and allow you to relax a bit more because they can remain stationary. Both rockers and gliders are great for relaxing in the living room, but also make perfect nursery seating for new parents. Although they achieve a similar effect when in motion, there are some important differences between these two chair styles.

Glider Vs Rocker For a Living Room

When choosing between the glider chair or rocking chair, there are some key things you’ll need to consider. Examining the important features of each and matching them to your wants and needs is the best way to figure out which is better for you.

Glider Chair Features

Glider chairs tend to give you a more soothing ride because you can recline without rocking back and forth. On the other hand, they’re more of a workout because you have to generate the movement with your legs.

They also usually have larger seat sizes, which is important for some. If you’re looking to put your feet up while you rock, you can almost always get a matching ottoman for your glider.

Rocking Chair Features

Rocking chairs are more classic-looking and thus more aesthetically pleasing to some. Because of their curved legs, they require minimal effort to start rocking back and forth, which provides an incredibly soothing motion.

Rockers tend to have a larger range of motion than gliders, but most people find gliders more comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time.

How to Choose a Living Room Chair

Now that you know the differences between gliders and rockers, you can start searching for the perfect chair for your living room. At the end of the day, the glider vs rocker debate comes down to personal preference.

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