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Stonewick Storage Box (Medium)


Water resistant outdoor storage box for outdoor accessories and items.

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Store your outdoor cushions and throw pillows in this beautiful Tortuga Outdoor Stonewick Storage Box. This storage box will help your outdoor accessories last even longer by giving you a safe, convenient place to stow them when you’re not using them. It’s made out of resin synthetic wicker with a water proofed lid. Resin wicker is already water resistant, but the top has been given extra attention. This keeps your cushions extra safe. The sides are built with an open weave design to allow air to flow freely through the box. That means that your cushions and throw pillows won’t mold or mildew while they’re resting inside of the storage box. The storage box is, on its own, a beautiful outdoor furniture piece that won’t detract from your overall decor, it will actually add to it! It’s very classy, and at 36″ X 24″ X 24″ it’s also very big and versatile. These boxes make great gifts for anyone who has been worried about protecting their outdoor fabric products. They’re also great for any other storage needs that you might have while working, living, and playing outdoors. Why wait? You know you need more storage space, so order this beautiful outdoor storage box today, and enjoy.


Overall: 36″ x 24″ x 24″


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