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Kids Derby Rocking Horse – Honey


Great Derby Horse in Honey.

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Harken back to those lost summer days of your childhood with this honey Derby wooden rocking horse. Give the kids in your life a slice of the childhood memories you so cherish, with this classic toy. Let them be the frontiersmen taming the uncharted west as they ride off into the sunset, or lancelot slaying a dragon atop his noble steed, as they rock on this beautifully crafted toy. The wooden rocking horse can also serve as the Pièce de résistance in a newly decorated room, breathing a “lived in” feel into any room, painting a pastoral picture of childhood remembrances — the warmness of home and excitement of make-believe. With master quality workmanship, this toy will last for generations, making it an instant heirloom, as you pass it down to your children, and their children after. Help the people in your life carry with them those same memories you so cherish from your childhood. This wooden rocking horse is the first step.


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