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The Wallace Rocker – Hickory


Stunning, naturalistic, and comfortable hand-crafted hickory rocking chair.

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Featuring a rustic design that will invoke thoughts of forests and country living, this hand-crafted hickory rocking chair will make a stunning addition to any home or front porch. The quality of this rocking chair is evident immediately upon removal from the box, with each piece made of real and solid wood. Not only will this rocking chair look good, but it will sure to become an heirloom for your family, enduring through the years to be passed down to the next generation. The frame of the chair is sturdy but crafted to look like bound, unfinished branches of hickory wood, with the bark still on them, irregularly shaped and completely, naturally organic in appearance. The back and the seat are composed of slats of oak wood for comfort and support of the back and body, and the wide arm rests and the two rockers at the bottom of the chair are also made from oak. This hickory rocker chair will make an ideal addition to your front porch, transforming it from someplace to pass on by into someplace you’ll want to sit and relax for a spell. It is also suitable for indoor use, or it will look fantastic when set inside of a veranda, in a gazebo or wherever else you might want to place it. When ordering this chair, you have the choice between a walnut stain and finish or simply a more natural-looking finish. This finished hickory rocking chair is hand-crafted in the USA with pride.

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