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POLYWOOD® Long Island Adirondack 3-Piece Set


3 piece Adirondack chair set with Nautical side table.

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Enjoy some true Long Island style relaxation with the help of this three piece POLYWOOD Adirondack 3 Piece Seating Group. This three piece set includes two easy going Adirondack chairs and one matching Nautical side tables. It’s the perfect way to relax on a sunny afternoon. Each piece in this set is built to last for a lifetime thanks to its maintenance free POLYWOOD construction. POLYWOOD may look like real painted wood, but it’s a recycled HDPE plastic blend that is both eco-friendly and weatherproof. That means you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches that typically come along with wooden furniture: no staining, waterproofing, painting, sanding or other weatherproofing activities. Best of all, the set will continue to look as good as new, even though you aren’t doing a thing. This set is incredibly easy to clean with a little bit of soap and water, and it effortlessly resists stains, too. It’s easy to assemble as the stainless steel hardware comes right in the box with a full set of easy to read instructions. You could be enjoying your new outdoor living room in an hour or less. So go on. Indulge yourself. Order this beautiful 3 piece outdoor seating set today.



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