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Royal English Dining Chair – Cedar


Handsome, durable and sturdy Royal English dining chair of cedar.

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Handsomely elegant and hand-crafted from high-quality Western Red Cedar wood, this outdoor dining chair has been designed in the Royal English style, and it will make a fantastic addition to your outdoor furniture collection. It is built to be both relaxing and comfortable, stylish without being ostentatious, giving you a place to sit and enjoy the great outdoors while secure in the knowledge that its solid, dependable construction will keep it looking good and going strong throughout the years to come. It comfortably holds one occupant, and it features a slatted back and seat, arm rests at the sides, and carving along the top of the back that can be described as rustic and charming. This wood dining chair is a fantastic accessory for any picnic table, although it can also function as a stand-alone item for placing in the garden, back yard, or out on a veranda. It’s even a great choice of a chair for placing in a mudroom, when you want something a little more distinctive than a simple, plain wooden bench to sit on while removing muddy boots and shoes. Thanks to its construction from Western Red Cedar, this Royal English dining chair will be able to resist the damaging effects of time and bad weather, shrugging off rot caused by water, UV ray exposure, and insect predation. The Royal English dining chair is available unfinished, if you prefer to paint it yourself, or for an additional cost, you can make a selection from a variety of finishing stains to save time and effort. This wooden dining chair is fully made with pride in the USA.



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