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Royal English Glider – Cedar


Elegant, cedar, outdoor Royal English glider for your front porch.

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With a beautiful yet simplistic design that will be sure to delight you, this Royal English outdoor glider hand-crafted from solid Western Red Cedar wood will endure for years. It makes a fantastic and relaxing addition to your collection of outdoor furniture, perfect for the front porch, your garden, backyard, or even a veranda. It’s comfortable and charming both, without being ostentatious, with a design that features a slatted back and seat, arm rests at the sides, and carving along the top of the seat’s back. For some households, this is also a more practical choice than a suspended front porch swing, either due to the ceiling being unable to support the weight or due to the seat’s placement out in the open. Nor will there ever be any risk of injuries from snapping chains or the swing falling down from the ceiling. Due to it being crafted entirely from Western Red Cedar wood, this Royal English glider will be able to stand the test of time and last for years to come. The cedar wood used in its crafting is naturally resistant to many forms of decay and rot that plague other types of wood, including damage caused by water, UV rays and insects. Cedar is, therefore, one of the most prized woods available in the furniture industry. This outdoor glider is available either finished to let you customize it with your own paints or stains, or you can select a finishing stain in order to save time and effort. Various sizes of this glider are available, so be sure to select the piece that best fits the needs of your family. This Royal English outdoor glider is made proudly in the USA.



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