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You can order as many fabric swatches you need using this product page, by calling us, or if you have questions, clicking here to fill out our contact form (simply include fabric swatch numbers and your mailing address). If you use this product page, select one fabric you would like and add it to the cart. Click “Continue Shopping” when prompted and add another swatch you like to your cart. The swatches will be automatically be added once viewed in your shopping cart – each swatch is $2.50. When ready, Proceed to Checkout from the cart page Please let us know if you have any questions!

Fabric Swatches:

Test, don’t guess. Be absolutely certain that the rocking chair cushion you want to order fits into your decor as nicely as you imagine–before you commit. Take the time to order some fabric swatches so you can try out different looks. We’ve got over 90 patterned fabrics, striped fabrics, and solid fabrics to choose from, so why not try more than one? Once you’ve tried your swatches in your living room, sun room, or back porch you’ll be able to order your rocking chair cushion sets with confidence, knowing just how great they’ll really look. Even if you’re really eager to outfit your rocking chairs with their new cushions ASAP, ordering fabric swatches is the absolute best way to ensure that you’re really happy with your rocking chair cushions, especially since our cushions are custom made. Remember that we can send you as many as you need: this page lets you order additional swatches. Switch them out, live with them for a few days, and have fun with them for a little while–you’ll be glad you did. Don’t get stuck with cushions you don’t love: order your fabric swatches today.



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