The 5 Most Popular Made in the USA Rocking Chairs

The 5 Most Popular Made in the USA Rocking Chairs


If you’re like me, you prefer to support your friends and neighbors with the dollars that you spend. The American economy has had it pretty rough lately, and I know I don’t like the idea of supporting jobs overseas, especially when I have some choices.

Fortunately, when it comes to my beloved rocking chairs, there are some great American manufacturers to choose from. I wouldn’t have it any other way since rocking chairs are such a big part of Americana. They’re our history and our tradition.

Here are five of the most popular brands, along with the most popular chairs that the brands produce. You’ll find a good selection of styles, manufacturing materials, and prices here.

1. Dixie Seating Company Rockers

The Dixie Seating Company is based out of Statesville, NC. They’re known for producing chairs that last for years. A recent article on The Blaze told the story of one woman who had owned her chair for 88 years. When it started to go a little bit wobbly she just brought it back to the company, who added new runners and returned it to her as good as new.

Frankly, that kind of longevity is pretty amazing in these days of “planned obsolescence.”

There are two styles that are super popular. The 5-Farm Road Rocking Chair is a true, unforgettable classic. However, the Bob Timberlake Collection is an excellent choice as well. You can get a Bob Timberlake for less than $150, which means you don’t have to choose between buying American and being kind to your wallet.

Dixie is nice because they won’t even source parts outside of the USA. Every last screw and piece of lumber was generated by one of our very own citizens. Not every company can make that claim; many source hardware or other parts from China in order to keep costs down, even if the chairs themselves are made in the USA.

2. A&L Furniture Rockers

If you’re looking for an Amish-made rocking chairs, then A&L is the way to go. They’re based in Pennsylvania. You can’t walk into a big box store if you want to find their products. You have to work with people who seek them out directly so they can offer them to you online.

This “Classic Pa Porch Rocker” is a very popular choice. You’ll notice the simple, sturdy construction and the simple design. You simply don’t have to travel all the way to the land of the horse and buggy to enjoy handmade quality craftsmanship in your very own home.

3. Little Cottage Company Rockers

This Berlin, OH company is best known for its playhouses, but they make some fine rocking chairs too. They put a modern spin on a classic design by using eco-friendly poly lumber. Poly is made out of recycled HDPE plastic. It’s tough, and it doesn’t have to worry about water damage. It’s a nice long-lasting end-point for all those plastic bottles you’ve been faithfully recycling for years. Thus, The Little Cottage Company helps our nation stay clean and beautiful in addition to helping out our nation’s economy.

Their Heritage Collection is probably the most popular. That’s because the style makes it look like an old fashioned favorite. You practically have to be right on top of these chairs to tell that they’re made out of anything other than beautiful stained or painted wood. Of course, if you wanted to you could get a bit wild.

This is a family owned and operated company. You can even see the entire family on their website, sitting in a row of different color poly rockers. It’s charming, and it speaks to what the American rocking chair tradition is all about.


This company is another eco-friendly choice. Based in Syracuse, IN, they trademarked the term “POLYWOOD” to reflect their exclusive use of recycled HDPE plastic. They’re creative, and they know how to make the most out of these unique, sturdy materials.

The “Jefferson” style is very popular. This is one of the three styles named after an American president; the other two being Lincoln and Kennedy. Fortunately, you won’t have to go through the same sorts of maintenance headaches that these presidents (or their staff members) would have had to go through in order to keep their chairs looking nice.

If you like a more textured look, try this Woven Jefferson Rocking Chair instead. It offers a little more back support, as well.

5. Tortuga Outdoor

Tortuga Outdoor products are just plain fun. When I look at them the very first thing, I think about is heading to the beach! They’re based out of Canton, GA, and they take pride in being a 100% made in the USA company.

This company also goes in for chair designs that are super sturdy, and which hold up under wind and weather better than natural materials. Tortuga works primarily with synthetic resin wicker. This stuff looks just like real wicker, but it doesn’t start snapping like real wicker does. You don’t get that sort of uncomfortable, 1950s experience either—you know the one, where your grandma’s wicker chairs that have lived outside forever have started to leave a white residue every time you sit down, because the paint is turning to powder. You don’t ever have to paint a Tortuga Chair to get it to hold its color.

The nice deep seating offered by the Lexington Wicker Rocker turns it into a fine relaxation station for just about any occasion. Just make sure you get the matching cushion because these rockers don’t work as well without them.


Most made in the USA rocking chairs are not very expensive. They’re all high-quality pieces that are designed to fit the American lifestyle. They help keep American workers at work, and they keep American communities strong. It’s not that rocking chair companies from other countries don’t produce good products—there is a couple of good Canadian manufacturers, for example. But for my money, I prefer to stay right here at home, supporting the people who support me.

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