Rocking Chair Cushion FAQ

Rocking Chair Cushion FAQ

At we receive a lot of questions from our customers about our cushions: how to clean them, where to put them, and how to order them. We’ll try to address a few here for your convenience, but feel free to contact us if you have any others!

I need fabric swatches, how do I order them?

  • You can view our selection of fabric swatches by clicking here. You can order swatches via the product pages in our fabric swatch section, by calling us, or by clicking here to email us – simply provide the name and number of each fabric you would like to order.

How do I measure my cushions?

  • For instructions on measuring for the perfect cushion size, please click here to take a look at our measuring guide for rocking chair cushions. Though this section was specifically made for rocking chairs, it applies to any furniture you need cushions for, and we can make any shape or size you need.

Do you offer custom sizes?

  • Yes, we offer custom size cushions, for rocking chairs or any type of cushion you may need! For custom rocking chair cushions, click here.

How do I clean my cushions?

  • Without a doubt, there are about one thousand and one different methods people will recommend to you when you ask them how to clean cushions. For our particular cushions, we recommend first using water to rinse them off, and then using a mixture of mild soap and water to help lift any dirt and debris that may have collected on the set. Finish up with another good rinse with water. Afterwards, allow your cushions to air dry naturally.

Can I leave my cushions out in the sun?

  • Yes, all of our cushion fabrics are rated for indoor and outdoor use. All of our fabrics will hold up when exposed to the sun, though Sunbrella fabric tends to hold up better and longer as Sunbrella is known for making very high quality fabrics specifically for outdoor use. No matter how good the quality is, however, eventually color will fade if it is left in direct sunlight – any one who tells you otherwise is simply mistaken (think about the paint on the side of your house!).